Digging out hundreds of camphor trees in

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Out of is camphor, planted of also is camphor. huangnan photo recently days, Nanjing airport road (yuhuatai scenic spot South door to airport high speed segment) on both sides of of Shang hundred tree camphor is dug out Hou, spent seven hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand planted of a new tree, is still is camphor. site construction personnel said, originally camphor too small, now replaced large of. on this, Nanjing yuhuatai Jacob & Co Watches district live built Council and green company explained said, originally soil more for stones, no fertility, so camphor "long not". users explosion material: dug camphor, and species camphor, Toss what? the day before, users have to the Yangzi evening news reporter claimed, Nanjing airport road was dug out of the original trees on both sides, then transplanted to the new breed of street trees., however, is puzzling, "previously planted street tree is cinnamomum camphora, new transplant to street tree is cinnamomum camphora." This users questioned said that new and old trees almost look, the only difference is that new trees all Jacob & Co Watches around the trunk of a rope. " Original tree,
Why transplant? is there any approved? transplantation costs how much? " This users on this said has questioned, he also revealed, construction site in transplantation trees of while, also in "Supplement tree", is in originally no tree of local, then again dug up a tree pit, trees down. moved tree four asked new tree and old tree has what difference? site visits: new tree diameter rough has 4 cm, but Visual difference not yesterday morning, reporter came to Airport Road, found on both sides of does in transplantation camphor. reporter asked species tree workers why to for tree, he Jacob & Co Watches said originally of camphor too small, Now replaced. He pointed to the tree tied to a rope, "these are new plants." journalist asked him how many trees to transplant, he said most of the trees along to change. " The green mark, is to change ". remaining a small amount was a large tree, will not have changed. tree worker also said that they poached is the diameter of the tree 13cm
Under the, newly-planted tree is the diameter of 17cm. in addition, some of the poor shape of the tree, to swap some shapes look good. removal of tree in the nursery, there are some other items that you need to go. " Sounds like just a few centimeters, but Jaeger LeCoultre Watches on trees, it is quite big difference. " But, reporter in site Visual has about, found new tree and old tree difference actually does not too large. why to replaced yiqian of camphor tree? government sector: old camphor tree long has ten years also no grew up, only replaced new tree reporter was informed that, airport road transplantation camphor of engineering is yuhuatai district live built Council project of, is engineering of party a. the Council Secretary Cheng Daowei told reporter, for tree costs limited, impossible suddenly for is large of. main is old tree basic useless has, has been long not. " This group of camphor Jaeger LeCoultre Watches in the original building of the old airport road was kind of down, for ten years, and now is so small. " Airport Road is an important landscape of Nanjing Road,
Must to for a new of camphor tree. reporter asked Cheng Daowei, originally of camphor why long not, Cheng Daowei General to explained said, main is year "construction conditions, and quality, and environment" of problem. reporter asked he, "construction conditions, and quality, and environment" is means what, Cheng Daowei said, "these are is a dozen years Qian of thing, I does not hope explained this problem. but, I can guarantee now of engineering certainly does Jaeger LeCoultre Watches not has problem". He said, apart from for tree yiwai, some tree pool also has raise, pine loose Earth through breathable, Let is not replaced of old tree long was better. why camphor long has ten older not? green company: originally soil in has many stones, camphor "long stiff has" is responsible for construction of is yuhuatai district garden green company, is engineering of b. the company a name engineering head told reporter, this transplantation engineering costs about in seven hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand. originally of camphor has been long not, main is because soil problem. currently
Tree pool in of soil many is stones, no fertility, led to camphor "long stiff has". now they transplantation new of trees came, while also all for Shang has fertility of soil, to guarantee new of trees health growth. species tree workers has in site to reporter recognized, camphor has been long not is because soil problem. camphor is is easy survival of, General two or three years on can long is rough. " In the home you grew up, because the soil is normal. in General grow on the roadside, tree has a lot of stones in the soil of the pond, there are lime, root will be burned. " Reporter asked he, can does not for new of tree, only for Shang new of soil, waiting for originally of tree "resurrection". workers revealed said, actually so is can of, engineering cost also will small points. green planting by with soil has standard did? urban construction expert: has standard, but many units for Rob duration hastily something one unwilling to revealed name of urban construction expert told reporter, "we this line has provides,

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