Pujingxin term''s first visit to China to

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5th, China's President Hu Jintao invited Russia President Vladimir Putin meeting with reporters in Beijing's great Hall of the common. new Liao Pan photo zhongxinwang Beijing, June 5 (journalists Guo Jinchao) Chinese President Hu Jintao, 5th in the great Hall of the people this afternoon to visit and to attend the Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Russia President Vladimir Putin held talks, signed on further deepening mutual trust as equals of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in a joint statement,  Reaffirms Replica A Lange & Sohne Watches its continued development of Sino-Russian relations as one of the main priorities of its foreign. analysis says that this marked a new historical starting point, relations between China and Russia in the past and the future, is moving towards a new higher level. Pujingxin visit China for the first time during its term as Russian foreign policy priorities of Putin's visit is Chinese President Hu Jintao invited to visit and attend the 12th meeting of the States members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization heads Replica A Lange & Sohne Watches of State Council. on Beijing, Putin
Come to talk about the old days of old friends, because the number of thin, since July 2000, Putin's Russia head of State since his first visit to China, which was 8th, Putin's visit to China. But this visit and significance very, because this is Putin again became Russia President Hou of first visit China, China is its became President Hou of first wheel visits national, reflect out its will China placed Russia overall diplomatic of important highlights status. early in this Russia Replica A Lange & Sohne Watches President election Qian, Putin on issued a said, include China zainei of the Asia-Pacific region is Russia diplomatic most priority of direction. text in the, Putin stressed has development in the Russia relationship of importance, and said "Russia needs a prosperity and stable of China,  China also needs to be a strong and successful in Russia ". In the 5th, Putin once again when the Chinese and Russian leaders were seen in a press conference said, China is Russia's strategic partner. Russia and China in various fields Replica Swiss Army Watches of cooperation based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, open relationship. in the political cards
Domain trust is very high, in the field of economic and trade cooperation to a new level, cooperation has been strengthened in the Humanities field. will strengthen the partnership between Russia and China, to benefit the people of both countries. "  Russian-Chinese relations have become role models worthy of the good neighborly and friendly relations. " Russia delegation lineup Deluxe in the Russia trade cooperation into this visit Replica Swiss Army Watches important issues the General Beijing visit China, as will main issues put in in the Russia trade relationship Shang does not accident. 2011, in the Russia between bilateral trade worth for 79.24 billion $, China continuous second years became Russia of first large trade partners. from 2001 in the Russia trade 10.6 billion $ to 2011 of near 80 billion $, in the Russia trade relationship in in the Russia overall relationship in the of status more highlight. last year, in the Russia between leaders will " 2020 US $ 200 billion Replica Swiss Army Watches "as the future development of Sino-Russian economic and trade relations between objectives of the Decade. this year, and Russia during the election, Putin's campaign

A special place, and it is reported that Putin's personal is also very focused on wine represents the social meaning. of course, hospitality and profound wine culture in China, not only at the state dinner with the wine selection will take into account the preferences of the guests, but also according to their own strict criteria and make a choice to pay attention to the quality of the wine.  5th night, China's President Hu Jintao to Putin at a banquet held, China has carefully selected a number of appearances state dinner zhangyu hundred years of dry red wine cellar, Changyu love Fibonacci Zhuang Xia duoli dry white wine as an entertaining old friends banquets with wine.  As far as I know, these two wines and October 11, 2011, then Russia, Prime Minister Putin during his visit to China, when the Chinese leaders in the great Hall of its hosted a banquet to welcome food are used exactly the same. This is the Chinese "friends of wine" portrayal of hospitality, where you can also see that China is to use state dinner this important foreign occasions to showcase China's own brand, the Chinese in China

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