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012 years, shares or will ushered in first descent pure of tea listed company. from "tea first unit" target recently of is Fujian Anxi iron goddess group, its is pre-disclosure of offering book displayed, company main for tea of planting, and processing and sales, led products for to geographic flag products Anxi iron goddess mainly of "Fengshan" brand oolong tea. Despite tea enterprises listed has does not is new, but industry still tendencies Yu will "tea first unit" of name, grant first aspires to shares of tea listed company. previously, Except September 2011 in Hong Kong boards listed of Taiwanese Enterprise days Fuk (06868.HK), also has borrowing Dragon made pharmaceutical of Long Runcha (02898.HK) and acquisition start Emporio Armani Watches Yi star transition of China mining (00340.HK), are for authentic of tea enterprises, this three home tea class listed company of main base and market are in China continent. but as and people daily life closely of wood, and m, and oil, and salt, and sauce, and vinegar Enterprise day
Gradually and capital became involved, as door seven pieces thing one of tea industry, is still no in shares achieved zero of breakthrough, this undoubtedly orders tea industry large guy were as Thorn. to Anxi iron goddess group Sprint shares for flag, around tea enterprises has saber rattling, or high profile operations, or hard, listed seems to has became measured a tea enterprises whether success Emporio Armani Watches of standard. and of corresponding of is, the tea main producing of local government, also competing introduced enabling policy, plans build tea enterprises listed Legion. have chaos Zhiji, Seems to shares tea plate has in road. fell hit listed road Anxi iron goddess group to shares out olive branch, to tea this a huge of traditional industry brings of catfish effect self-evident. According to China tea circulation Association publishing of, my tea of planting area 1.97 million hectares, and yield 1.475 million tons, and agricultural output 53 billion yuan, are home world first. but embarrassing of reality is, "China 70,000 tea enterprises than a vertical Dayton" of claims
, Always Emporio Armani Watches as large mountain like difficult shakes, national maximum tea enterprises days Fuk 2011 growth 40.6% of revenues only 1.753 billion yuan. this, listed do strong big became tea enterprises "avenge oneself" preferred. but tea enterprises listed tea "fin" difficult fly of plagued has been waved of does not to. 1990 era, China tea import and export company and Zhejiang OASIS shares listed stranded Hou, tea enterprises listed on delay more than 10 years. to has 2007 years, frontier provinces Yunnan suddenly punches, uniform appears 3 home entered listed counselling period of tea enterprises: Longsheng tea industry, and Xiaguan tuocha group He Qingfeng Cheung tea industry, and has Emporio Armani Watches Yunnan Pu-Erh tea group, and large benefits group, and Dragon run Group, Pu tea production enterprise, to preparatory listed. which, Longsheng tea has been introduced United States Orchid investment and Shenzhen innovation investment, first investment 55 million Yuan, total accounted for unit does not over 25%, by CITIC Securities (600030.SH) counselling, proposed thaw about 1 billion yuan, and in here held General tea forum for
Listed campaigned; xiaguan tuocha Group II shareholders is Kunming British Swiss investment, holds accounted for total equity 28.64% of 10 million unit, proposed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange by listed; celebrate Symphony Cheung tea industry then plans 2010 Emporio Armani Watches listed. but time, this Muscovy Yunnan plans listed of tea enterprises, except Dragon run Group Yu on May 18, 2009 borrowing 2002 in Hong Kong boards listed of Dragon made pharmaceutical outside, other tea enterprises so far are no below. then, Dragon made pharmaceutical and rocket investment (Rocket Capital) signed investment agreement , Which injected with $ 53 million, while acquiring the longrun tea for $ 160 million and renamed, from pharmaceuticals to the tea industry turn around. Latest 2012 in Yunnan province small and in non-public enterprises in the province listed list of cultivating key enterprises showed that included 66 companies, only dianhong black tea (Group) company Emporio Armani Watches limited is the only tea-enterprise, specializing in the development, production and sales of series of Dian Hong tea black tea,
Previously announced of xiaguan tuocha group, tea enterprises has is not list in the. in accordance with Yunnan province workers letter Board file, above list is in 2007 first batch determines of 45 home, and 2010 second batch determines of 30 home listed cultivation focus Enterprise object based Shang, again combination new situation, and new requirements filter determines. on in Yunnan tea enterprises collective plans listed during, "tea first unit" compete for also in national the tea main producing expand, at this point, high profile announced BMW Watches prepared removal Laurel of has: Hangzhou Longjing tea industry group, and Sichuan Mongolian top mountain group , And Fujian Anxi iron goddess group, and Hunan thyme tea Gallery company limited,. in this during, Sichuan Mongolian top mountain group intends to will Mongolian top mountain scenic spot and Mongolian top tea integration listed, uses capital markets accelerated Mongolian top mountain tourism, and tea industry of development, and has completed listed assets audit, guotai Junan has participation related prepared work, "up two years completed listed". also, in the grain group its of in the tea shares, at this point also outgoing prepared
Listed message. However, also had Hou, BMW Watches year many claimed build "tea first unit" of tea enterprises, passion after more attributed to calm, now lead go to IPO mark of only Anxi iron goddess group. Despite Shang will soon, but Anxi iron goddess group "appetite" is unlikely to: proposed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange by open issued 22.9 million unit, raised funding 157 million construction upstream tea and marketing network,. actually, first first listed of tea enterprises, dang is September 2010 in Hong Kong cross by listed of green students (00926.HK), Although its "features bag package tea" as distinct from Yu traditional tea, but to "tea therapy" positioning opened has unique category way, and its products positioning, and spread BMW Watches way, and channels operation are achieved across territories, in tea market exclusive corner, orders traditional tea enterprises stunning. tea enterprises listed scrambling to to Shi road bumpy twists and turns local strong help push "tea first unit" belatedly, map tea industrial capital of road will by multiple test. on currently tea enterprises set off of listed
Boom, Fujian tea industry senior people believes that, this stems from as in recent years tea consumption upgrade, tea enterprises growth sexual significantly, new products and new industry State budding, gradually meet has different levels of consumption needs, enterprise scale and operation mode also with of expanded and improve. BMW Watches tea enterprises expansion does midstream, according to Anxi iron goddess group offering book, its joined shop number has from 2009 222 home, increased to 2011 353 home, 2010-2011, revenues and net profit growth respectively for 84.3%, and 35.1%, 48.14%. and blessed 2011 NET shop 165, revenue and net profit growth and 40.6%, respectively. Xie Yu taiwanensis growth performance in recent years is maintained in 30%-40%. " Has been listed and to be listed tea enterprise performance and the pace of expansion is higher than the industry growth levels. " These sources. policy support is also an important driving force of the local government.
As known as "national first tea large County" of Fujian BMW Watches Anxi County, for support encourages tea enterprises listed, on first achieved listed of tea enterprises giving except enjoy provinces enabling policy outside, County in again award 10 million Yuan. Fujian Provincial Government even made, in central financial support modern agricultural (tea industry) production development of based Shang, province financial annually arrangements many Yu 30 million Yuan special funds development tea industry, the tea main etc County (city, and area) also to increased on tea industry of financial inputs, To achieve resource province from tea to tea industry strong province of change. " Twelve-Five "during, seeking cultivation 2 home above tea enterprises domestic BMW Watches listed, 3 home above tea enterprises outside listed, on entered listed counselling period of tea enterprises giving 500,000 yuan award. Anhui, and Sichuan, and Henan, to is has introduced tea industry development views, cultivation tea leading listed. this, once" fever "of tea enterprises listed plans again warming, on in Fujian, to eight horse, and day spring, and total, and in the min Clostridium welchii, and Hua Xiangyuan, and
Nature, mainly of tea enterprises, are has Sprint in capital markets road. this reporter from related channels understanding to, above by column tea enterprises are has in listed counselling stage, which, three and tea industry, and nature tea industry outside listed of process is advance. on even near two or three years only "Renaissance" of "Tanzanian Ocean effort" tea, September 2011, its origin tea enterprises new Tanzanian Ocean tea industry group also and United Kingdom a bridge capital signed listed framework cooperation agreement, determines two years around in London Stock Exchange listed. Also, Anhui Huangshan Xie Yu large tea has entered submitted listed declared material stage, Anhui a laugh Church and monkey pit tea industry also clear made listed target; Henan xinyang maojian group proposed through two or three years operation listed; Hunan province tea group has included the province reserve listed Enterprise; Sichuan trimeresurus tea has been made to entered capital markets, the province are started Mongolian top Camellia of listed cultivation work; Zhejiang Hangzhou mountain tea industry plans 2015 listed; Shandong Royal green tea industry of target also

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