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China network Beijing July 12 Olympic photographic (reporter Huang Jie Shan Lei) according Corum Watches to currently of situation seems, London Olympics women's basketball project maximum of questions will is: who will obtained silver? despite coach Auriemma currently body depression a cases suspected employment discrimination of lawsuit, but United States women's basketball undoubtedly still is this shells Gold Medal of most strong compete for who, and will also 11 a competition opponent far to dumped in behind--since woman basketball in 1976 became Olympics official competition project yilai, United States women's basketball 7 times broke into finals and 6 times won champion ; And since 1996 of Atlanta Olympics yilai, United States team also no let this shells gold medal fall to others had, and maintained with continuous 33 field Olympics competition of consecutive victories records. in 2008 Beijing Olympics Shang, United States women's basketball consecutive victories 8 field, field are than opponent more was 38 min, made has "ruled level" of performance. in coach Auriemma seems, currently of United States team than Shang a session also better, "organic will became Olympic history Shang best
Of team ". 1954 birth Yu Italy of Auriemma while also is Connecticut University Women's basketball of coach, in he of led Xia, full beauty most strong one of Kang large women's basketball had 7 times won NCAA champion, and had in 2010 Shi hit has 90 consecutive victories of records. and United States women's basketball in Beijing Olympics Shi of coach Donovan compared to, Auriemma of advantage is: currently this support United States women's basketball has nearly half of players from Kang large! This also means that with training time more short of United States women's basketball almost does not needs spent too more time on can into he of tactical system. since 2009 took over the United States women's basketball yilai, Auriemma and he of team has in 2010 of Czech World Championships Shang stood live has test. Despite no one players entered to scored, and rebounds and assists three items data of Qian five ranking, but United States women's basketball by virtue of extremely average of strength heavy wins gold medal. two years zhihou, United States team of lineup and no occurred too big of changes. veteran Tao Laxi, and Sue
Vere bird Jnr. and katejinsi still is team of core, they also in for himself of third Gold Olympic gold medal efforts, which Tao Laxi and Byrd are is from Auriemma coaching Xia of Kang big, and with team won has 2002-2004 years continuous Corum Watches three session of NCAA champion. also in Beijing Games tasting had gold medal taste of also has kandasi·pake, and xierweiya·fuersi and ximengna·aogusitasi. in addition, has help United States team won 2004 Athens Games of siwen·Kashi also regression team, Hope can got personal second shells Olympic gold medal. and Maya·moer, and linsai·huilun, and Dina·chaersi, young players although are is first participate in Olympics, but in respective effectiveness of WNBA team in the is absolute of main, and has has had Czech World Championship WINS of experience, does not on international stadium is strange. and other team compared to, United States women's basketball only of problem probably is collection practiced of time too short. they just in 5
Months Shi has a for three days of training camp, in addition is in competition official began Qian will concentrated in together training two week. United States team five consecutive road maximum of obstacles will is Australia women's basketball. in Beijing Olympics Shang, Australia women's basketball is way high played Veuve Clicquot, only in last of finals in the lost has United States team, continuous third session Olympics harvest silver. but in Czech World Championship Shang, last runner-up of Australia team is in one-fourth finals surprise to lost has that session races maximum of dark horse Czech team, Failed to continuous fifth session broke into World Championship four strong. Despite main players peini·taile because left knee Qian cross ligament tearing and had to start, but in London Olympics Shang, WNBA history Shang only a obtained had MVP of foreign players laolun·jiekexun will led world ranking second of Australia team to they of first shells Olympics women's basketball gold medal again launched shock. three session Olympics are in finals folding halberd, let Jackson determined does not playing this year WN
BA season three months before the games, training with his national team teammate instead, because, for the 2006 FIBA World Championship champions, two sessions of the WNBA Finals Champion, three-time WNBA MVP and three-time WNBA scoring King, Olympic gold medal was her last lacks a bright Pearl on the Crown. Fortunately, This once Australia team and United States team also once no was min in with a group. therefore group racing stage most has aspect of competition will is August 3 b group fourth round Australia team and Russia team of battle. this field world second and world third Zhijian of competition or will decided group first of belonging, and who can avoid ahead of in knockout in the suffered powerful of United States team. as euro champion directly obtained Olympics entries qualification of Russia team in Qian Soviet period had two claimed the gold medal, Also won the bronze medal in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, and from 1998 to 2006, three-time world
Kam racing of runner-up. team currently of core players is 35 age of libeika·hameng, she 1977 birth Yu United States of South Dakota, had in WNBA shaking heaven and Earth, is in 2008 select representative Russia team play international races, and won has Beijing Olympics of bronze. Czech women's basketball is expected to became this Olympics Shang of dark horse. third times participate in Olympics of Czech women's basketball previously in Athens and Beijing are broke into eight strong. early in 2005, Czech team on had in euro finals in the defeated European Overlord Russia team, won champion. and in 2010 World Championship Shang, as hosted of they in Group racing although performance General, but in knockout stage let NPC have people drop glasses, first in one-fourth finals in the to 79:68 defeated has defending champion Australia team, next in semi-final extra time Racing 4 min decider Belarus team, last only in finals in the was United States team chopped Lok Ma Xia. 31 age of Defender Hana·huolakewa also by virtue of field are
12. 1 minute, 5. 5 rebounds, 3. 8 assists and 2. 9 times steals of comprehensive performance, pressed United States team of Tao Laxi became that session World Championship of MVP. This Olympics Shang, appears has four update new faces, respectively is Croatia, and Turkey, and Angola and hosted United Kingdom team. African team calendar year to participate in Olympics best of rank also is just 2004 years of 11th name (Nigeria), remaining sessions are is ranking bottom. Group racing 5 a opponent in the, Angola team only plays had of is Czech team, Beijing Olympics Qian two team had in once warm-up in the plays, Angola NET lose 32 points at that time. hosting identity by virtue of direct entry of the United Kingdom in June 2011, the women's basketball team in the tournament, only 3 min defeat to Russia, but I am afraid still escape the fate of group insurance excess. Croatia and Turkey are very different. on the 2011 European Championship, Turkey team finals match Russia team won the first runner-up

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