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Beijing time on June 24, only the Chicago Bulls with the 29th rank talent rights obviously do not want to hurry approach to this draft picks new year, it was reported that they were actively trying to Los del Tang mix Chokin-NOAA as a trade chip for number one draft picks right. As in recent years a hops stood up entered race Crown ranks of team one, Bull still wants to in this year summer on lineup for optimization to should Xia season of Wholesale iPad 2 Case challenge, especially entered recuperation period of headed star Derek-Ross may will absence number months of General racing. in accordance with Bull original of plans, they hope with 29 Shun bit selection a bit double can Defender to mitigation Hou field lineup Shang of stretched, but this for they wants to WINS of ultimate target, help does not large. Although is all-star level players, but Deng and maximum capacity of NOAA gradually exposed, both occupy the bulls more salary space, which also left with 2-year contract worth 28 million, which in the next 4
Remuneration can be nearly 50 million during the year, so if you want to make adjustments would have to be considered by a bull on Wholesale iPad 2 Case the two players start with. taking into account the prospective champion "gave her dark eyebrows and brother"-Anthony Davis's potential, the team hopes to build young combination impact overall champion Ross + Davis. Since intends to sent go team in the two large core players, then Bull natural hope are lucrative of return. consider to array in the has has such as Ross and buziol Claudio two bit big star, and they also does not hope was fertilizer about bundle live hands, therefore xinaoerlianghuangfeng of number one draft picks right compared to recruitment other star players on Bull of temptation force perhaps more large some. station in WaSP of position Shang, one star of joined is difficult to help this support fish belly quickly rise, After all, people's expectations for Davis could not be compared with Le Blanc-James or Dwight-Howard, if number one draft picks in exchange for the right to two-digit positive values when the play of star players to help may be even greater. In addition to want Gao Shun

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