Shop Saint Angelo 1.5 billion saved vari

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|XGv00|deddd684786bf7623f5de7aea47145af Concord Watches reporter reports approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on June 1 Hao Jing Shanghai Saint Angelo (002154.SZ) additional requirements Concord Watches not exceeding 100 million new shares, Saint Angelo to raise capital of not more than 1.5 billion yuan, raising money is the purpose of marketing network construction, mainly Concord Watches for the acquisition of shops. for a clothing company, raise money to buy new laying of networks realize Epitaxial development naturally understandable, But has market people pointed out that, Saint Angelo bird past repeatedly adjustment raised funding buy stores plans, will more than stores modified into rental. not only so, another has observation people pointed out that, 2011 disclosure of earnings cash stream and income inconsistent, and same customer should accounts receivable paragraph accounts age inconsistent before and after contradictions, has false statement of suspected. Saint Angelo bird of hutuzhang in fact, early in 2010, shares fake expert Xia Cao on specialized wrote pointed out that: Saint Angelo bird Maori

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