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Months 26th, Shenzhen a vehicles sports car early this morning cyclonus cool hit taxi, caused 3 died 4 injury of serious consequences. on in netizens wrath Yu drunk driving for peril, and questioned top package of Shi, 27th early this morning, Shenzhen traffic police investigated wine driving Shi forced broken window of practices, let own also once outside Yu opinion of forefront. then, one suspected wine driving of BMW drivers Simulation Game refused to get off client, traffic police isolation window persuaded half a more hours invalid Hou select hit window.  Although BMW drivers found drink driving, direct traffic, but this practice has given rise to much controversy. smashing window is by law in accordance with the regulation or law enforcement violence? a topic and health: check drink drivers in case of "autistic" traffic police how to deal? is not "hit" is not available? User: arguments contrary to many users up to Shenzhen traffic police's this tough approach. " Smashing good! Think about it 3 innocent lives now! "," Try peaceful means before resorting to force, the consequences themselves. deposit luck people no more illusions, good! "," If you don't hit,
Air can let him drag the wine to check again? "," look good!  Had he not been probed, maybe going to events, and killed several innocent lives. most traffic accidents are due to drink driving, drunk driving must be severely punished, even harsher penalties for such does not accept checks "... ...  Despite punish wine driving everyone applauded, but also has netizens on hit window check this a practices does not identity. a name netizens said, prior who also cannot proved car in the people drink driving, according to suspected committed from no of principles, traffic police hit window forced check obvious has lost biased, should used other means on refused to accept check who to punished. also has netizens said, "wine driving ought to to check, but hit window needed cautious. If hit window process in the does not carefully hit injury has people, or glass debris tie injury has people, also the what?"  Lawyer: pros and cons of different versions Simulation Game identified drink drivers smashing car Windows, such behavior is legal, views of the legal profession are divided into two groups. Guangdong star law firm financing
Deep bar Ou Xiangfu said in a media interview, "said traffic police can ' smashing Windows and search drink drivers ' also there is no express provision in law. but under the law, police law enforcement encountered obstacles, and reasonable doubt each other's irregularities, if any, has the right to take certain measures." Ou Xiangfu made, in traffic illegal this aspects, traffic police usually take of is buckle car, and trailer of practices. but check wine driving, and drunk driving also has must particularity--body alcohol exists "timeliness". in case in the, traffic police on drivers for has half hours of persuaded, drivers still refused to get off accept check, besides car stopped in road hamper traffic. integrated above situation, traffic police in ensure involved thing drivers personal security of situation Xia hit opened Windows on its for alcohol test, can considered its on effects implementation official acts take of legitimate measures,  Otherwise traffic police official actions that cannot be properly investigated and dealt with drunk driving. Well-known lawyer Zhu Yongping have different views about this. " This traffic Police smash car window glass
Search drink drivers have no clear legal basis of behavior, is unlawful. " Zhu Yongping said that Shenzhen information of the traffic police conduct is illegal, should bear civil liability, and the review would also like to apologize to the citizens. " Traffic police are administrative acts on the assumption that there must be a legal basis. Simulation Game " Zhu Yongping said that traffic policemen in the law enforcement process can also be found in a more humane manner, such as car door locks, "do not have to use such a brutal and violent means from technically, door lock is a simple way."  Zhu Yongping believe that owners of drunken driving is an offence, direct traffic, but do not advocate using this simple and brutal approach to law enforcement, but should adopt a more humane approach, "this can be said to be an example of violence to obtain testimony, in the rule of law are not allowed". Police: smashing Windows is not desirable for the ensuing question, Shenzhen traffic Police Bureau said, the public security traffic police encountered a mismatch in law enforcement can be validly
Coercive measures. specific to this case, in a push before the broken window, has been repeatedly advised to consult the command center, law enforcement is a video recording of the whole process. Furthermore, when driver Wong is in a closed compartment "Storm" for nearly half an hour, taking into account he may drink wine, broken Windows in order to take measures of constraint of his personal safety. In daily of law enforcement check action in the, hit window check car whether common? also whether desirable? Reporter yesterday from Guangzhou City traffic police sector was informed that, in recent years in check wine driving action in the, Guangzhou does not occurs similar of situation. a name has more than 10 years line experience of grass-roots traffic police told reporter, event in the car in the men and no driving hit to civilian police, also no any threat to law enforcement security of acts, hit window of practices does not desirable. encountered "since closed" of situation, line traffic police can take photographed, and video, method, fixed license plate, and Lock the driver's facial features, such as file locking the car, as violations unhandled
Even let you go, your car also failed to pass, failed to pass the annual inspection, severe cases can be processed by obstruction of official duties, also detained, "traffic police, city management of such a large volume of day-to-day law enforcement units, if often used violent means to solve the problem would aggravate the grass-roots level conflict, may also lead to violent confrontation, can be exempt from". Nanfang daily reporter Chen Jiesheng event playback May 27 at about 3 o'clock in the morning, a dark-coloured BMW, Jiangsu X5 shennan East Road, was stopped, only one driver on board the vehicle. lash traffic police on duty the front Windows, require the man to get off to produce documents, accepting checks, but men "is sometimes turned to look at, ignored the". " So for almost half an hour, we kept talking to him across the pane, he began to take out your cell phone and keep calling. " Police on duty said that, because of the road closures, lined up behind the BMW a lot of vehicles in quarantine. ultimately, site traffic police to consult the operational command centre, ready to take

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