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012-06-09 09:08:54.0 Li heming Yi Xiaoxia Wu Yao a year 100,000 deposit differs from the different banking interest $ 325 hengfeng South of bank deposit interest at the interest rate the bank deposit and loan interest rates are net foreign joint-stock Bank Central Bank base rate three-year period from the Southern Metropolis daily reminders from yesterday/enpproperty--> the livelihood Replica U-Boat Watches of 88,161,527, save 100,000 dollars a year, if not shop around the Bank, the maximum loss interest $ 325.  Announced as the Central Bank benchmark deposit and lending rates in interest rates to float on, 8th day, five Chinese peasants and workers in diplomatic relations and foreign lines in hengfeng Bank floating deposit interest rates immediately. journalist compared the 20 banks in the South, the current one-year deposit rate minimum 3.25%, up to a maximum of Replica U-Boat Watches 3.575%. Joint-stock bank deposit rates highest in the public opinion in the past, deposit interest
Rates are different, only related to age, has nothing to do with the Bank. before because, according to the Central Bank requirement, implement integrated national bank deposit rates. but this time allow banks to float for the first time the people's bank deposit and loan interest rates, banks in order to get the deposit will have to be expanded "interest rate war".  Although Replica U-Boat Watches the name was cut on the first day, but yesterday through the Bank's website, customer service and field interviews, found that there have been 16 banks floating deposit interest rates, some joint-stock Bank shall I floating interest rate 1.1 times times, one-year deposit rate of 3.575%, has been higher than the interest rate cuts in front of 3.5%!  , Bank of China, agricultural Bank of China, ICBC, Bank of four large State-owned bank, raised its one-year Replica Romain Jerome Watches fixed deposit-only, are published in the Central Bank's latest benchmark interest rates raised on 0.25%, a reduction of between one and, to cut interest rates again before 3.5% level. other deposits were unchanged. China Construction Bank during the three-month period, the period of six months and a
Year on CD, upgraded its 0.25%, that is, one year and following short-term deposit before full recovery to interest rate cuts.  Regulated float constant is Replica Romain Jerome Watches also the largest joint-stock banks HSBC, in full accordance with maximum float: one-year, three-year and five-year deposit, all floating 10%, respectively, 3.575%, 5.61%.  Comparison known, currently rates difference maximum of is a years period will save: minimum of for 3.25%, second for 3.5%, highest for 3.575%, high and low Zhijian difference has 0.325%. for example,, also is 100,000 yuan deposits selected different of Bank save a years, will are three species Replica Romain Jerome Watches interest, 3,250 Yuan, and 3,500 Yuan and 3,575 Yuan, highest difference 325 Yuan. People continue to wait and see do not have to rush to dump South yesterday afternoon to visit the banks saw, in addition to the five largest bank and prudential Bank yesterday
Deposit interest rates had to be raised outside, most other banks until yesterday afternoon has no static. analysis of senior bankers, other banks were not fixed, but ready, or is "wait and see". "The Bank will not see the deposits to other banks, also no estimates will be in the next few days to a week to raise the deposit interest rate."  The Bank staff analysis, market-oriented interest rate restrictions for each bank, will be the opportunity, other banks will first deposit and loan rates, adjusted for wait-and-see peer and self-adjustment of bank deposit and loan interest rates. "Deposit and lending interest rates not permissible as before, people will have a wider choice of space." Local commercial banks in China, some of the banks may be adjusted later in the three-year and five-year deposit action on interest rates, he thinks people no need to rush to a day or two in the money in a Bank, can be observed a few days before making a decision

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