Salwar Kameez Patterns-II

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Let’s find out few more popular traditional salwar kameez patterns that are named solely on the work and cut of kameez.Angrakha Pattern KameezIt’s a popular design, originated from the hills of India, mostly related to men’s attire. But a Kameez version of the same is equally graceful and prevalent. This long tunic style reaches till the knees and is similar to a looks for long coat or robe.The neck crosses from left to right till your bust area and then falls straight till the knee. Like other patterns this pattern kameez too is done with various embroidery, printed shapes, appliqué, sequins etc. But the specialty of this pattern kameez is no doubt its heavy beaded tassel or strings that dangle on one side on front part. Although a traditional wear, this dress can also be modified to give a smart look.Sherwani Pattern KameezYet bell ross watches again Sherwanis are popular men attire. But women have an amazing ability to adapt and carry the same with their own charm and grace. Very much patek philippe watches like a long coat with collar. A front open style kameez like jackets are tied with hooks or buttons. Heavy appliqué or patch works are common with bright base colors.Experiment with the sleeves using netted or base color cloths but always a full sleeve should be your choice. You can patek philippe watches find a huge collection of contemporary designs on this particular kameez pattern which raymond weil watches are very much in vogue.Lakhnavi Pattern KameezThe credit for this pattern of kameez completely goes to the Chikan Embroidery. An absolute exhibition of skilled craftsmanship, the Chikan style is presently Lucknow’s pride. The minuscule precision patek philippe watches of hand crafted embroidery can turn a standard salwar kameez to a masterpiece of ‘Lakhnavi Pattern Kameez’.This embroidery historically was almost always done on white untwisted cotton. But light or pastel colors are not too far behind. A pastel base color cloth with a full body white Chikan Kari can mesmerize anyone with its beauty.%D%A

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