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Enterprises "Twelve-Five" proposed investment Xinjiang over 700,000,000,001 copies relates to China future energy security and Western frontier stability of recently was batch implementation. this reporter yesterday further from local was informed that, as this a planning implementation, Wholesale RC Cars yangqi in Xinjiang energy area of investment will continues to raise, local as China land energy large channel of strategy status also will gradually appeared. According to Department, currently in Xinjiang yangqi has plans in local investment over 700 billion, which most involves energy class project. specific,, National grid company is expected to will on Xinjiang giving strong of special helping and tilt care, "Twelve-Five" during aid Xinjiang funds up to 60 billion yuan; "Xinjiang electric outside sent" and levels grid construction are autonomous region Omni-directional support. country Wholesale RC Cars electric is is expected to "Twelve-Five" during in local production machine scale will over 10 million-kilowatt, coal capacity over 30 million tons/years, completed 10 billion cubic coal system gas a period 4 billion cubic coal chemical project construction
, Total investment will over 100 billion yuan. in addition, China electric to 2015 in Xinjiang machine total capacity will strives to reached 10 million-kilowatt above, formed 15 million tons above of coal production capacity, built 4 billion standard cubic of coal system gas project, Trojan completed total investment about 46.2 billion Wholesale RC Cars yuan. national development and Reform Commission, and national energy Council previously has stance, will height attention Xinjiang energy resources industry development, future will further support autonomous region do industry development planning, support has strength of enterprise and project entered Xinjiang , Support Xinjiang strongly development petrochemical, industry, implementation and good including difference of industry policy zainei of the policy, to resources advantage maximum to transformation for industry advantage. SASAC is stance said, future China electric, and in the oil, Wholesale RC Cars yangqi will increased industry aid Xinjiang efforts, SASAC also will continues to in funds, and technology, and talent aspects better to to aid Xinjiang project tilt, do industry aid Xinjiang, and led Xinjiang other related industry development,
In all aspects of economic and social development played yangqi responsibility. and with many yangqi "clusters" of Xinjiang, local construction goal of the States main land corridor of energy resources has gradually clear, would eventually achieve "land + sea" simultaneously energy import mode of transport. (Shanghai Securities reported) Xinjiang urban Wholesale RC Cars construction (600,545): policy good implementation still needed waiting for holdings report summary: 2010 in the reported performance turnaround, but still below expected. 2010 first half of, company achieved business income 587.89 million Yuan, per cent growth 5.86%; achieved business profit 63.32 million Yuan, per cent growth 0.43%; belonging listed company shareholders of net profit for 54.81 million Yuan, per cent growth 0.41%, corresponds to each unit proceeds 0.08 Dollars. infrastructure business rose falling inhibit the expansion of total revenues. during the reporting period, companies Wholesale RC Cars infrastructure business income of 369 million Yuan, down 4.
87%, fall more a quarter increased 1.76%, on total business income formed negative to rally. real estate business profit declined pull low integrated gross profit margin. first half of, company real estate income 163 million Yuan, per cent growth 40.58%, but by cost rose of erosion profit margin more last year over declined 19.58%, for 32.13%, led to company integrated gross profit margin sharply declined 2.46% to 21.83%. management costs partial high is during costs rate high main due to. in the reported displayed, Company cost rate Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen for the period was 9.05%, an increase of 0.31%, which cost of sales and finance rate fell and 0.11% respectively, management expense ratio increased by 0.97%. profit forecasts and ratings. we expect EPS company 2010-2012 (now the total share capital of 675.79 million shares) to 0.32, 0.39 and 0.48 Yuan, PE
39.3 times, five and 32.2 times times. does not have the advantage of valuations, but taking into account the sustainability of the national policy in Xinjiang, as well as companies in the areas of Urumqi municipal infrastructure domain oligopoly status, we maintain on Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen the company's "overweight" rating. (Southwest securities Zhou Rongzi) Xinjiang days industry (600,075): industry small warmer futures proceeds significantly oil prices decided PVC can through export digestive domestic excess capacity. international oil prices and domestic coal, and electric price trend of differences, caused abroad vinyl law PVC and domestic carbide law PVC cost poor of changes. 08 4 quarter international oil prices sharply fell, PVC large imports shock domestic market; as oil prices rose, imports pressure slowed. China imports anti-dumping tax policy will continuation Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen 5 years, Under the import and export and related tax policies, based on quantitative model of calculation: If the price falls below $ 57 a barrel, the PVC market in the country will be

Thread has not yet starts, led to company in Xinjiang area of sales income declined. from first half of data see, company South China area performance contribution obvious, but Zhongshan Galaxy holding proportion below Xinjiang company, also led to has company belonging Yu mother company net profit performance poor. Xinjiang is planning construction Western energy base, coal Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen chemical, and coal electric development will pull to on water resources of needs, company in Xinjiang area of business has good of development prospects. across area operating is expand. company publishing Bulletin will acquisition Shandong zhucheng huasheng tube industry limited, This acquisition is company across regional operating of also a initiatives, on company development has important significance: (1) PCCP tube has sales RADIUS, company early bid has Shandong jiaodong area introduction adjustable engineering, contract amount reached 95.77 million Yuan, and company currently Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen production base more difficult achieved on the engineering of cover, therefore acquisition huasheng Guan Ye will conducive to company completed the contract, and entered jiaodong market; (2) company currently in PCCP
Tube market most important of competition opponent is Shandong power pipeline, Shandong power pipeline in capacity, and products aspects and company does not phase China, and company in South China, and Northeast are exists positive competition, entered Shandong market Hou, will may on both of competition brings hampered. company achieved across regional operating Gloves for Capacitive Touchscreen can better smooth due to area income changes led to of performance fluctuations, 2010 Xinjiang area income declined on company performance brings has adverse effects, But company in in southern China sales of growth on performance since to has smooth role. profit forecast and ratings: from company currently bid contract situation see, we is expected to company 2011 a quarter performance may appears more significantly fell, but II quarter Hou as North, and Northeast project of starts, company performance is expected to began appears sharply rebound. is expected to company 2010-2012 EPS respectively for 0.69 Yuan, and 0.95 Yuan, and 1.43 Yuan, currently shares 23.29 Yuan, corresponds to PE respectively for 3
4 times, 16 times, 25 times times times, maintain the company "overweight" rating. (TX building materials group) North new bridge (002307) company specializing in high grade road engineering, bridge engineering and hydraulic engineering construction, is the largest highway construction enterprises in Xinjiang. Xinjiang revitalized to increase the construction of transport networks, is without doubt the largest beneficiaries. In addition, company by virtue of geo-advantage, in recent years company achieved has in Central Asia, and South Asia and the North Africa market of breakthrough, has large overseas engineering contract initial amount total over 5 billion yuan, for company created has new of market space and profit growth. constant Thai securities is expected to, according to company orders situation and the future years domestic traffic investment growth of expected, company income still can maintained 20% around of growth. Xinjiang all and (600,888) shenyin wanguo pointed out that, Company is super cheap energy and electronics industry boom two beneficial. company last September in Urumqi 2?50 MW thermal

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