Riding on debao pony to elope

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Small dust debao dwarf horse, is world Shang minimum of horse, belonging to rare horse species. is long is long yiqian, I had do had a strange of dream in the dream: I is Dali country of Princess, in dream in awareness has a between Yu Tea Horse Road of Guangxi businessman, two people love at first sight, deep love, several times dream in dating, love difficult tempting. dream woke up Hou, will carrying parent King and mother, riding with dwarf horse far go Guangxi, to looking for dream in of Prince. thereafter again also didn't do had similar of dream, and dream in the of Prince eventually is dream in of regret, again no below. many years yihou, I actually Seiko Watches mistake of to has Guangxi. but that dream has with time of passage and gradually forget. suddenly one day, Guangxi debao of a friends and I said since has debao dwarf horse, let I dusty years of dreams again broke reality of consciousness world, slowly anti to mind, is long time yilai, I thought "debao dwarf horse" just a unearthed of small horse fossil, until friends on since, only know, original really of has debao dwarf
Horse, and also is world rare of excellent horse species. July 2012, I and several friends finally has opportunities embarked on has Guangxi of land, began has one magic of Guangxi health of Brigade. in travel close to end of when, we came to has debao, see has had dream in of debao dwarf horse. According to guide describes, debao dwarf horse is world Shang most dwarf of a horse, is following United Kingdom of Mario schjetnan dwarf horse zhiwai of another a large dwarf horse origin. main Seiko Watches etc Yu Guangxi debao, and jingxi, County, head in 106cm following, Most dwarf of only has 85cm, than world famous of United Kingdom dwarf horse also to dwarf. According to research, it is Western Han dynasty period "fruit horse" of descendants, it of features is cute docile, and smart resistance Pack, and both can Dang mounts, also can cart and loading, it of good climbing resistance Pack, and perseverance, is particularly people by praised, in mountain road walking agile sound, is mountain people traffic and transport of important tools. is said to have, early in song, debao dwarf horse on as tribute won the Royal favorite
. Starting from North Emperor Zhenzong of Song emperor Chao heng, debao pony is caress of feudal emperors. Recorded, zhenan each three years are to to Emperor tribute dwarf horse three horse. Zhu Yuanzhang Emperor first years, debao people Cen Tianbao miles, personally riding with dwarf horse Seiko Watches Beijing audience. Zhu Yuanzhang had witnessed see book in the recorded of "fruit horse" excited was delight, and grant of Cap ply in and zhenan soil prefect hereditary official. so also was said debao dwarf horse is "lucky horse", and "apologists horse". Expert after years research research, believes that debao dwarf horse of little sexual is to genetic mainly, that is debao dwarf horse has stability of genetic gene. but it of survival situation is very serious, last century 80 generation also has more than 2000 more horse, to 2000 on only left more than 800 more horse has. humiliate, if does not be protection, this precious of dwarf horse varieties on has may will demise. therefore, in 2000, local developed has debao dwarf horse of local standard, that: in accordance with adult horse
(6 age above of horse) standard height in 104 cm following, length does not over 110 cm, BRA 130 cm within, weight 65~140 Swiss Watches kg of this standard, local of livestock personnel visit from door to door on County dwarf horse for by households census registration. including horse of photos, and heads name, and address, and horse of number, and photos,, and is which local pension of, and later placed to which local pension of, all registration finished, on like identity card as. entire County total census registration 932 horse, 856 horses meet pony size standards. then issued to farmers in its plan to free range, breeding, this guarantees a certain number of Pony State-owned, does not guarantee that pony generations series of species. In order to breed varieties of excellent local returned to the pony developed the "marriage law", which include close relatives by marriage, and foreign horse kinds of hybrid is not allowed. for pony's offspring, Stallion, Mare strict proportion, generally 5-8 one stallions Mare horses,
Some local a horse Swiss Watches public horse 14 horse mother horse, they basically is in original state Xia for insurance species. to avoid inbreeding, small horse birth to 1 age half yihou, on dispersed to also a feeding points up. two a points are has strictly of distance requirements, at least distance apart 5 km above, and established has perfect of pedigree, to guarantee dwarf horse of descendants pedigree clearly. this for insurance species, vital. in here dwarf horse of marriage is by plans for of, they Zhijian of pedigree cannot mess. to maintained varieties of pure, In addition to in selection Shang strictly filter zhiwai, also has feeding of some attention, cannot coddled, as far as possible bread. coddled of consequences is let those dwarf horse are into has small FAT. into has small FAT on will variable lazy, most important of is, as dwarf horse body, and character of change, has may eventually change dwarf horse of hereditary shaped, Swiss Watches thus lost insurance species of significance. because insurance species not only is maintained species of blood of purity, also should including this
Species of other integrated shaped maintained does not variable. on like Mustang insurance species cannot simple to ring up pension, must has plans to for field stocking, to maintained Mustang of wild. debao dwarf horse of formed is dwarf horse long-term work constantly adaptation environment of results, insurance species not simple to feeding, must to kept of worked, dwarf horse of some features only not degradation, its excellent of traits to are original of retained. Currently, debao also uses dwarf horse of congenital advantage, established has juvenile equestrian team. those for today human social of "high rich handsome" in here full lost has significance, and "dwarf short poor" is became we select of Supreme requirements, because moderate and low, more for youth equestrian campaign of carried out. original saw Yu field dangling Pack real loading of debao dwarf horse, are experience with historic of features conversion, was packaging into glossy gorgeous of racing towards Stadium, from Singapore, and Qingdao and Nanning, to Equestrian Club of several coach, The world's first few
Year equestrian teams began training. This consists of 16-18 young equestrian teams, as well as a professional sports team, all uniform dress, the horse CAP, Knight of the Knight clothing pants, riding boot, glove, everything, valiant, dramatic. Is rumored, debao dwarf horse initially stems from Dali country, because this horse of child small, action agile, loading sexual strong, therefore, then in debao territory of Tea Horse trail in the for transport goods, while also formed has a horse city, dwarf horse price very expensive, a horse to 502 gold. debao dwarf horse, is from then remains down of, strange of is, in Dali, this dwarf horse early has extinction has. Write here, I once again had to go back for a number of years ago, that dream seems to be former has doomed, I unsolvable with Pony's origins, it connected me with that wonderful wonderful wonderful life fate of Guangxi. former, as Dali Princess, I can understand that kind of riding a pony lover

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