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Continued publishing apologized letter, recognized errors, strongly rectification full poly de company should lessons, increased management efforts, in associated party select aspects will more cautious, information also will more transparent. and the event also reveals has Beijing some sector on ditch oil management improper Golden and commercial moral eventually also is to "Lee" compromise. for recently media reported pointed out that "full poly de duck oil was resale ditch oil" a thing, May 28 and 29th, blancpain Watches full poly de Corporation continuous two days in officer online issued apologized letter. letter in the said,  For waste oils were reselling will "strongly reorganizes, strengthening supervision" and admitted that "sell company-owned waste oil by unscrupulous elements of individual enterprises is true, company relevant qualification is not in place, the ineffective supervision is deeply guilty".  Waste duck oil change oil trench, interested? Quanjude said in yesterday's announcement, the company has informed the two companies blancpain Watches to expand the field kitchen waste recycling companies with a legal qualification, while the company also
Within their own enterprises to carry out a comprehensive review of kitchen waste recycling business qualification work.  As Beijing first since ditch oil cases of core, full poly de "old" brand image moments collapsed collapsed. According to media reported, 2004 to 2011 October between, hawker King a from China full poly de (Group) company limited, Beijing full poly de ternary bridge shop, and Olympic village shop, blancpain Watches shop, acquisition duck oil and the abandoned oil Hou, will by acquisition duck oil go sold roadside small vendors, also of resale to others for produced ditch oil. For media hype of accused, full poly de group two home involved thing of stores head had to station out explained: "shop in then thought is and a has acquisition waste oil qualification of company signed of agreement, until police intervention investigation only found, hawker King a near 6 years to from full poly de individual stores acquisition duck oil and abandoned breguet Watches oil, and resale to street edge tour commercial,. King a also with full forged information cheat shops." Event after it has been exposed,
Quanjude, Beijing sanyuan bridge clubs, village shop, two stores have been the Quanjude Group calls for rectification, the shop owner had been fined.  Reporters noted that this incident exposed, Quanjude has not denied, but very sincere apology and self-examination--in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, has been sent to the new oils processing factory site visits, and breguet Watches manufacturers to establish "claw back" system upon receipt of the waste oil manufacturers will work with the check number in the store.  However, Quanjude attitude is good, but there are also challenged the industry: Quanjude previously not manufacturers sell duck oil field trip, the number has not been checked? is intentional, or "stupid naive"?  Enterprise Security-frequency exposure, not!  From melamine, sanlu, lean double sink, from the fall of the collective of donkey-hide gelatin industry comprehensive exposure to leather breguet Watches milk, more and more food safety events hurt consumers fragile nerves. Ditch oil "cancer
"To wanted to from China real extraction, not a two days can do of. reporter understanding to, lasted two round 8 months of open collection, Ministry of health last week announced has preliminary circle ditch oil of 7 species detection method, raised social concern, even has media will its called curb ditch oil of a agent" medicine ". but, due to ditch oil components complex, all over the throughout the, detection and radical difficulty is large. and to real played its effectiveness, more needs must of time. "The Quanjude waste oil is sold to the event there is not a small negative effect, mainly because of resale of nasty things, Quanjude must bear joint and several liability." Capital University of Economics and business, Director of the Institute of industrial economics Chen Ji said in an interview with reporters, through this incident, Quanjude companies should learn, and increase the intensity of management, would be more cautious in related parties select, the information will also be more transparent. " And the event revealed Beijing mismanagement of waste oils in some sectors, which may in turn urged relevant

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