On June 4, hit a low in the early weeks

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Week stock although Monday Tuesday Bell & Ross Watches even pull Chung Yang but then 3rd has down, early hot infrastructure unit chonggao down, large blue-chip suppressed market, anti-views venture board even pull 5 Yang created recent high. eventually this week Chung Yang reported received, week line began go good. Shanghai rose 1.7%, Shenzhen rose 2.6%, junior rose 3.6%, venture board rose 4.3%. deep strong Shanghai weak, small powerful weak is clear, weekend I spent has time and fuck disc hand AC elected has short and middle stock pool, ring friends are Bell & Ross Watches know I of middle unit profits amazing, Fill in the right middle of the unit profit in the second half 50% not a problem, a 000799 profits in the first half, the stock is not good performance increase in stocks, now is just beginning to start, group of friends and friends of your own to see circles of learning videos this week, friends own controlled.% on September 4 the market support level 2353-2363, 2381-2391 resistance level, on Friday the market
Sold 77 billion contraction volume Yang cross star, cities Bell & Ross Watches funds outflow 3.6 billion yuan, more empty contest temporarily playing into tied, this week market received out 39.89 points Chung Yang line, return 20, and 10 week averages on, technology form great changed, Monday 5th averages in 2,379 points around, this is short go good of resistance. 10 daily line in 2,368 points around, this is short of important support, short cannot fell below 10 daily line, fell below is jiancang haven, from Friday market 30 minutes figure Shang see, full days market volume price Breguet Watches deviated from , Rebound gradually shrink volume, fell merchant, to has tail disc appears volume price reverse, has short funds approach, Friday late Europe stock plunged, New York plunged 221 points, Monday low open Hou can fast pull up on became key, domestic economic growth fell May PMI for 50.4%, April PMI is 53.5%, fell 2.9%, abroad debt crisis growing, shares also difficult immune, sharply rose of market
Members not expectations, cross disc shocks slightly rose on good has, operation Shang, members as long Breguet Watches as does not recovery rose killed fell, a unit on no larger of risk, short operation of rhythm is is clear, impact daily of resistance bit can jiancang, Xia analysis daily of support bit can again supplement cartridge, so disc in the of high threw low sucking is dynamic of holding means, is gets short post, avoiding risk of method, currently a unit opportunities many, members continues to do hand in a unit high threw low sucking, specific disc in the observation market trend tips, Operation Shang members select Breguet Watches breakthrough a unit or supplement rose a unit operation, I is do strong of breakthrough varieties, tomorrow market specific how go disc in the observation, members note opponents in of a unit to difference treat, cannot just defending, died took, bad has on for unit, does not bad on do post, no go bad unit short still to concern volume price relationship, once market appears volume price deviated from, the jiancang on jiancang, members also to see good a unit volume price, once appears volume price deviated from or clear
Of down k-line signal, should note jiancang, members short operation good market points bit operation, buy stock Hou set good support bit, and or stop bit, and or holding line, once trend go weak, immediately sold without hesitation, otherwise losses on inevitable, circle in of middle unit can low sucking buy, short a unit see I disc in the live 's, volume price deviated from has a do high threw, volume price does not deviated from of a unit can holding, a unit short note fell below 5 daily line out, quarterly as long as performance losses of unit as does not to touch, In fell in the more concern performance pre-increased low price shiyinglv of stock, hand in short a unit disc in the continuous fell below 5 daily line over 30 minutes, is using disc in the rebound opportunities Dang jiancang, no breaking line of continues to holding, 5th line Shang more, 5th line Xia on most most cartridge operation, members disc in the not recovery shoplifting unit, short fast into fast out, rose large sold, small rose small sold, does not breaking bit a unit fell on low sucking holds do post, breaking bit a unit note timely anti-out to, Red

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