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FAIRY EAGLE recently has “ national school grass ” of said of Li Yi feng stole the moment no two, starring of bounty hunter > just in Hunan TV come, Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches another one masterpiece also Yu this week landing Taiwan a television. This sing and excellent is speech of pattern us men became has following Huang Xiaoming zhihou, break Taiwan us men's singles area to mainland output situation of “ rare species ”. yesterday, due to falls “ Children's Day ” children's day, Li Yi feng in accept new Express Reporter exclusive interview with Shi except told has themselves feelings and cause Shang of plans zhiwai, also occasional share has a to themselves growth of story. small handsome to large“ II grade on has learn sister to I wrote note ” new Express: Guy min two species, a is small has been handsome to large; another a is when does not handsome, grew up Hou suddenly handsome has. you belonging to which a?
 Li Yi feng: I may belonging to which 's, haha. when I also no consciousness of when, father mother said hold I out, others are said “ this not you home of children 's? ” because I father mother young Shi are is Peugeot, and I is baby of when may also not nice, haha. but conscious yihou I also is found themselves is by welcomes of. new Express: this by welcomes of feel first from what time began? Li Yi feng: should is primary school of when began 's, Primary school II grade of when I has is school Brigade Department of cadre has, I remember then Brigade Department in has a often and I together check eye conditioning exercises of learn sister, she had supporting I of students pass had note to I, can I then what are does not knows, read on threw has. new Express: is said to you when also is school in of athletes? Li Yi feng: can so said 's, primary school of when I is school football team of Qian
Front, later read Middle School of when on modified playing basketball has, also into has school team. new Express: Why will gave up football and instead to play basketball does? because basketball more by girls welcomes? Li Yi feng: most began is not so, is because fans Shang has one cartoon called, but zhihou playing of when only found, playing basketball does than playing football more easy played handsome. you play of when, often has passing of girls stopped view with you, and will has girls to sent water, and handed towel, feel also being of. new Express: Now also will often play did? and which people playing? Li Yi feng: will Ah, often will and wake up, and King oak Xin they about with together and outside of people playing, Zhang Jie sometimes also to, but he is too busy has. we this several people among I think playing was best of should is wake up, after all people from abroad back of, technology good. and I main of scored way is anxious stopped jump shot. always does not sexy&ldqu
O; I wanted to has Daniel Wu of build ” new Express: into row you of identity is singer, why now is will gravity transfer to has television performances? Li Yi feng: also no la, on like I in speech of when, also stopped by singing has theme song, I think now so of arrangements is good Ah, I like of work are can take into account to. new Express: year you in in the of last a first song is Leslie of, has Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches judges comments Shi said you of singing performances enough character, 2008 you in themselves of first field concert in the will this first song as opening song again interpretation has a again, so you think themselves now sexy has did? Li Yi feng: said sentence old truth, I now still does not knows how to sexy, really of, so I even are does not know how answer this problem. new Express: but Qian segment time took, is said to you has one bath of play order and you take play of Korea actor Lee da Hae direct call stunning. Li Yi feng:
This …… actually I also is has has been exercise body La, and day shooting zhiqian also do has 100 a push-ups, also has to room in of dumbbell with has past exercise, for of is let muscle congestive, let themselves looks strong a points. I exercise muscle of purpose is not wanted to became large only muscle men, just wanted to let themselves of line looks more has level some. well, on like Daniel Wu as 's, I hope themselves has he as of build, So now often do lying push so of exercises to exercise themselves of chest muscle. new Express: this exercise is on you speech playing play has help? Li Yi feng: course will has, although I speech had of play among rarely has playing play, seems only inside has so little, but I feel I also is meet was came of. new Express: is said to you in took Shi very envy Lee da Hae of cry play level. Li Yi feng: is Ah, she can control first left of eyes off eye
Tears, then is right off tears, and I words, although cry not problem, but needs is time to entered to that mood among to, do does not to with called with cry. new Express: speech cry play of when General will wanted to what past to help themselves entered mood does? had lost of feelings did? Li Yi feng: sometimes will has, but most is reminds such as parents sick Ah, and relatives go has Ah like of things, actually I think so of mood on I, is a is large of hurt, often took finished so of play, I are needs is long time to recovery came. Chase television dream“ hope can speech a has gun of hero ” new Express: this year second half maximum of work plans is what? Li Yi feng: wanted to took one film, but specific is what I are also does not know, are is company in processing. new Express: If can select words, you wanted to speech a what of angle
Color? Li Yi feng: I'd like to play a hero with guns. because I play so much drama, has never used a gun, and hoped that this character is the hero of a percent, has all the advantages of the collection. new Express: life is not a hero? Li Yi feng: less good opportunities in life Ah! But I had in Middle School of a field class Football League in found had hero of feel, that field competition zhiqian I of feet Yan Zhongwai injury has, also to hospital playing has gypsum, but I heart has been very desire to playing this field competition. to know we then is arts class, was boys on enough, and each other of strength has gap, so later a teeth pain up playing has competition, also hacked into has a ball. Despite later competition also is lost has, but then that atmosphere, let I think themselves is a hero. and also mengmengdongdong to knows has, Not only the winners are heroes. new Express: you are a person who loves to fight for social justice
Also is a at bear patiently of people does? Li Yi feng: should belonging to former. seems I in airport queued often encountered jumping of people, I on will loudly told they does not should so do. has once in Bank, on two a window Office, many people queued, but Bank of people noon a to work time on two a people are left seat to dinner has, then I very angry, on go to counter Qian criticism they so do is too, has been said they of Manager called has other staff to Office. I feel themselves also is a pretty has sense of people . on love and marriage“ looking forward to Continental Express version ” new: you are in recent years and Huang Xiaoming, a few output to Taiwan from the Mainland, take the idol line of male artists, you know most of us men are in Taiwan to the mainland when the output pattern, such as F4 and your friend Joe Zheng and Ming Road, do you have a sense of accomplishment on this? Lee
FAIRY EAGLE: I just has one play in Taiwan there broadcast only, now also no determines to past publicity of notices, said does not Shang what output 's. achievements sense course will has, but just simple to think this Department play to in Taiwan local has component of platform broadcast only. This days I in micro-Bo Shang also see has there of fans in said has see this Department play, but because only just began broadcasting three days, so also does not know this Department play of program what good bad, heart also pretty tension of, hope there of audience friends can like I of performances 's. new express : Qian segment time is hot of one Taiwan film (following short) you see has did? you think if you to speech words will has a does not as of feel does? Li Yi feng: see has Ah, see has zhihou I also made has a section micro-Bo, expression has about I very worry of mood. because although this Department film regardless of is plays also is making are very excellent, but actually it inside description of environment and State and we mainland students of ring
Border and State has many of difference. I very hope we also can has a Department so of works, can real to reflect we reading when together recovery had of girl or, boy or, classmates of love also good of works. I believe if I to speech mainland version of this “ those years ” also can caused many people of resonance 's, as Taiwan of that version, may no experience had, speech up on will has discount. new Express: that you hope and which bit female actor speech mainland version does? Li Yi feng: This I really does not know, on like I singing, but I has never no heard had other female singer of song, so I see play also rarely concern female actor of performances. you let I said a names out, I really of cannot to. new Express: apart from work Shang of arrangements, on themselves of life has what planning did? such as what when married? Li Yi feng: this to see fate 's, total cannot I wanted to 28 age married, to has 2

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