Midday in Europe stocks a massive rally

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Union leaders agreed to relax Spain of aid conditionalities, and a single financial institution regulatory mechanism and the euro zone reached the status of a permanent Rescue Fund for priority to discharge more coherent. high European 2G Sunglasses Mp3 Player shares opened higher, midday in a massive rally Greece stock market soaring 5%, Spain stock market gains of over 4%. Coast 20:50, Greece composite stock index rose by 5%, 607.25; Spain IBEX 35 index rose 4.08%, 6, 995.9 points; United Kingdom the FTSE 100 index rose 1.96%, 5,600.86; France CAC 40 rose 3.5%, 2G Sunglasses Mp3 Player 3.158.59; Germany DAX 30 rose 3.43%, 6, 361.03; European stocks overall barometer Stoxx  600 index rose 2.29% 250.28. Ended the first day of the EU summit meeting in Brussels, EU-led
Who issued a statement after the meeting. the EU leaders agreed to relax Spain of aid conditionalities, and a single financial 2G Sunglasses Mp3 Player institution regulatory mechanism and a permanent bailout Fund for the eurozone reached a number of consistent priority to discharge status.  On Friday Italy and Spain Government bond yields fall sharply. Spain 10-year bond yields fell 50 basis points to 6.43%, and Germany bond spreads are reduced to 473 basis 4G Sunglasses Mp3 Player points over the same period. Italy 10-year bond yields dropped 38 basis points to 5.82%, and Germany spreads over government bonds dropped to 416 basis points over the same period.  ---------------------The EU leaders agreed to relax Spain of aid conditionalities, according to Bloomberg News, eurozone leaders agreed 4G Sunglasses Mp3 Player to relax Spain Bank emergency loan repayment provisions, several other possible and Italy relating to the bail conditions were relaxed, this is Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel made a compromise. European countries
29th House leaders in Brussels local time (Beijing time 10:30) ended 12 hours of consultations, 4G Sunglasses Mp3 Player the European Council President van rompuy said, before the 17-nation eurozone leaders agreed to waive a requirement, Spain emergency loans provided by the banks of Government, may not have the status of priority to discharge. Furthermore, he pointed out that the banking sector without direct access through Government equity injection.  Euro-zone leaders also discussed reducing Italy and Spain bond yields on risk premium approach, economists, investors, United States and other European trading partners worry that the euro zone could face a collapse which led to the above bond risk premiums expanded all the way. "Has prepared a complete set of possible intervention and response measures", Luxembourg Prime Minister and Eurogroup President Juncker told reporters: "for the European Central Bank, the Eurogroup and the European Commission and other institutions, their task when you are in need of licences

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