Main to see European Cup?

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Is was disappointed extreme, only rebound has day of Shanghai composite index (with), today also callback has, and minimum Xia exploration to 2280.95 points, almost break yesterday casio Watches of low points 2278.16 points, tail City reported received in 2289.79 points, full days fell has 16.07 points, 2,300 points mark lost. see with weak of disc surface, author suddenly guess, main may are to see European Cup football casio Watches racing has 's? From disc surface see, Shanghai full days only sold has 55,298,580,000 yuan, than yesterday rebound of turnover 60,177,220,000 yuan, reduced has 4,878,640,000 yuan, reduced of ranges is unlikely to, only for 8.11%, casio Watches but in volume price tie of relationship Shang is rendering out rose merchant, and callback shrink volume of situation, volume price tie fair. more important of is, today Shanghai only sold has 55,298,580,000 yuan, again invasive this chopard Watches year May 4 highs 2453.73 points callback yilai of to volume. This description, after anti-
Complex finishing, short chip cleaning is relatively clean. From candlestick analysis, today while in Shanghai fell, but not new low, this chopard Watches is after June 1 for the first time, is a fully contained in yesterday's Chung Yang lines within small Yin line, also supports this view. Therefore, tomorrow is likely to continue to rebound, lows but the rebound should be on June chopard Watches 8 2276.71 point of the rally continues. Support level around 2,284 in Shanghai tomorrow, resistance level around 2,312 points. Analysis above is only for reference, which entered the market at your own risk. According to author multi-channel understanding over the past two years many losses larger shareholders friend, in which there are two important reasons: one is not going to pick good stocks, second is does not have a good sale opportunity. in response to these relatively universal phenomenon, author of 2012 we have selected the ten cattle unit, there are many contests, also will meet with you, are finishing a full, or fundamentals

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