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Machine of home market Center on June 4 message iPhone4S Replica Zenith of listed then once will purchased machine wind to climax, the machine compared to Qian generation products in appearance area and no too large difference, but configuration area is has upgrade, and implantation has latest of Srir function, real implementation has interpersonal interactive. currently Hong Kong version iPhone4S in duo wind telecommunications only sales 3,980 Yuan, like of friends were Replica Zenith may wish to considered start.  IPhone 4S front frame measurements of iPhone4S 115.2X58.6X9.3 mm figure, the front of the fuselage carried a 3.5-inch, 960X640 pixel resolution touch screen, the back of the fuselage is an 8 million pixel camera, equipped with LED Flash, maximum support 3264X2448 pixel photo shooting, 1080P HD recording, Iris f/2.4, photo image is clear and smooth. Map for iPhone
Replica Zenith 4S rear configurations, iPhone4S A5 clock speed processor with dual-core 800MHz, free space is 16GB, body memory is 512MB, can fully meet the smooth running of the fuselage, the operating system are using their ios5.0 system, but also improve a grade, running software and large game in the machine when you can have a good run of results.  Figure for iPhone 4S accessories integrated,, iPhone4S from all area are has powerful of performance, listed Hou on caused of hot purchase scenes is a miracle, and most important of is its function of powerful has in many of user among are has reflected, although in price Shang slightly high but performance of strong also Yes to has people of love, if like of friends were can considered purchased into. Product: iPhone 4S (revised) price: $ 3,980 business name

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