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Underwear PK 012-07-06 09:49:16.0 Kevin Cheng Lu Wayne Lai as the fury of the street Kevin Cheng Bulgari Watches Lin Feng forward Wayne Lai-South network PK Law l AW PA this Southern Metropolis daily/enpproperty-->Law 88,161,527 fighter first exposed ass, this Ministry, Ruth's underwear. South are hearing 2012 just had has half, wireless depending on Bulgari Watches the Emperor of race has began Preheat. wireless has see last year Kevin Cheng with feel proud and happy, boarded depending on the Emperor of bit; in mainland also has price has city, first half of stiff earned 30 million "people Tsai", hope continuation Bulgari Watches the "a brother" of momentum, can confirm July 30 launched he starring of, and in recently night replay first series, for he Zhuang reputation. If so sequel can applauded imprint, on he end race depending on the Emperor greatly help. However Piaget Watches Kevin Cheng this year rival current, The biggest threat is even claimed the two emperors Wayne Lai, on August 13, he
With the Zheng Ze said who has asked to play launch, being pinned; there is also the opportunity to launch at the end, Piaget Watches keep a high line, third degree depending on the imperial throne at any time.  As always in favour Lin Feng forward, there will be new episodes introduced on July 9; this play modern bridge crossing the ancient funny. fact, Lin Feng forward lost after Piaget Watches years as emperor, development focus on singing and film in recent years, on the move target to music and film, depending on the things the Emperor! Lin Feng forward and Kevin Cheng in wireless of status does not phase China, Olympic war comes, main drama set instant was Board to task engaged, visible wireless on two people of imprint force very has confidence. According to, in in the, Kevin Cheng continues to played for vulnerable community output of large lawyer "l AW fighter" Luo Liya, and Wang SI-ren bitter (Hu apricot infants played) public-private distinct, in court Shang opposing as tit-for, private will face third party Gou Yun Hui intervention. " L AW PA "face jail this time machine, a remarkable run, and see if the program can go beyond the first series!

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