Improper purchases, equal to the Wolf

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/Yangcheng evening reporter Liang Dong Yin to roger dubuis Watches connection in June end of of Dragon Boat Festival small holiday, many businesses will "Liuyi" preferential time set for 1 months, some businesses made has "beyond 5·1" banner, many parents are has for children buy furniture of intends to, but buy to does not appropriate of children furniture, on is equal to is Wolf. errors 1 wood = health "you this furniture security does?" " Rest assured, our solid wood furniture is, sure, no problem! "Similar of dialogue in home stores often see, to children of health, many consumers are willing to more roger dubuis Watches spent is money buy wood furniture. However, wood furniture and does not necessarily on means with health. because led to furniture in the formaldehyde exceeded of causes main has three a: a is furniture material (as artificial sheet,) itself formaldehyde exceeded, II is using has inferior of viscose agent, three is surface of paint has problem. so, regardless of is wood also is plate furniture, as long as using has paint, are also may will exists methyl
Aldehyde exceeded of problem. in addition, wood furniture also min full wood furniture, roger dubuis Watches and plate wood combination furniture and wood veneer furniture, category. which, plate wood combination furniture and wood veneer furniture are may using large adhesives, if adhesives quality does not qualified, that as is easy appears formaldehyde exceeded, problem. However, due to formaldehyde is volatile sexual gas, so furniture surface paint in the formaldehyde more easy volatile, so if is pure wood furniture words, in using Qian ventilation a months, should on does not easy appears formaldehyde aspects of problem. errors 2 Formaldehyde rolex Watches content low = environmental "on selected this paragraph products 's, it formaldehyde content low, certainly environmental is", hold this views of parents is many. and in furniture stores, sales personnel General first stressed furniture of formaldehyde content low, as environmental performance involves of other aspects as benzene, and heavy metal, and radioactive elements,, if consumers does not asked, most sales personnel General does not brought. actually, environmental just a relative of concept
, National for home has corresponds rolex Watches to of harmful substances limited standard, correct of expressed should is furniture of harmful substances release volume compliance. generally, wood furniture in the contains of harmful substances is formaldehyde and heavy metal; fabric furniture in the of harmful substances is benzene and some volatile sexual organic; soft body furniture as mattress, in the of harmful substances is formaldehyde and bacteria,; stone furniture is is easy in radioactive aspects exceeded. national has related provides, but market Shang sales of products is not all is rolex Watches qualified products, If buy to some harmful substances exceeded of does not qualified products, is easy pollution indoor environment, due to children resistance more weak, health more easy was against, purchased furniture Shi not only concern formaldehyde release volume, also should according to corresponding of material concern harmful substances content. errors 3 shallow color furniture more security many people will thought, furniture color more bright by containing heavy metal more more, in was asked to paint whether containing heavy metal Shi, many sales personnel usually also stressed using from country
Water based paint outside, in accordance with European or national standards, to prove compliance with the furniture surface does not contain heavy metals or heavy metal. " Our furniture surface is a child can chew. " Also will has sales personnel such told you, actually this is version. Expert reminds, must to see sellers can provides does not containing benzene, and lead, and mercury, heavy metal of certificate. veneer furniture of color is veneer itself has of, does not exists containing heavy metal of claims, and for wood class of brush paint furniture, regardless of brush of is colorless of also is colored of, as long as is paint will contains heavy metal, and color of shades has nothing to. for paint of heavy metal content, manufacturers should has detection report, Where consumers can pay attention to when checking. full name of waterborne paint is a water-borne wood paint, and paint is a relative concept, containing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium content well below the oil paint, but even if it is water based paint, still need to read the relevant consumers in the purchase of test report./Xinhua

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