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London Olympic games over a period of less than 20 days, the portal presents a delicate situation to fight Olympic coverage. several sources confirmed to reporters alain silberstein Watches yesterday, although since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, user and advertiser demand for video content is growing, but this time on the upcoming Olympic Games in London, the four Portal collective absence of live video.  Portal collective live point seeding as far as I understand discards, owned by CCTV CNTV (cntv) available to the Portal Web site of a, b, and c the London Olympics broadcast resource bundles, the four portals are selected only c class resource bundle that contains the VOD rights, based on this buy play rights, thus, Sina, Sohu and Tencent three companies ' equity is basically the same. "And has a direct interest of class a and class b compared to the resource bundle, not live video will be more in line with commercial companies to rational choice." alain silberstein Watches Tencent Vice editor-in-chief Wang Yongzhi believes that
If you spend tens of millions of Olympic broadcast rights to buy London, within a short time, it is difficult to recover the cost.  Sohu editor-in-Chief Liu Chun talked to media that purchased rights to live performance/price ratio is not high, the London Olympics are mostly carried out at night, even if there are viewers staying up late to watch, also were more likely to select TV.  The home are has similar of VOD resources, means with the large portal Zhijian Olympic reported of competition will more white-hot. a bit industry people said, user for Olympic of watch select Shang, will more to to consider video clarity, and smooth degrees and program produced of excellent aspects, factors, in network video of alain silberstein Watches user experience aspects, in four portal in the, Sohu first mass entered video industry, in technology, and bandwidth, and operation, aspects has first made advantage.  Homemade programs will determine the winner? Face of Olympic coverage, Solenopsis invicta, the major portals seeking differentiation competition. at present, Sina, Sohu and Tencent will be video homemade as differentiated competition process
Break. of these, video Sohu most rapid momentum of operational benefits. it is understood that Sohu not only travel to London was filmed, also produced and Sohu "7 movies" series, the Olympic series, journey, life story,, a dozen homemade videos.  It is learnt that Sohu integrates entertainment, video, as well as stars and production capacities of the concentrated expression of many resources, from Sohu's editor-in-Chief Liu Chun surgeon, participation of numerous stars. it is reported that 25 minutes of the programme period, a total of 20, invited into Wang Xuebing, song Jia, Huang Zhen, Xinyi Zhang, Li Wei, Cao Yunjin, Lele Dai, Bao Chunlai and other cultural and sports stars, entertainers take the auspices. Tencent is also put into huge homemade video programs, include was produced, the number of such program. it is reported that SINA is also making some homemade video content in response to the impact of the other two main portals. NetEase invested little in sports in the past by creating video content, as well as some of the video sites are also joining the Olympic

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