Hangzhou illegal kidney source base the

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Garden District, Governor of MUC Kam rough House four rooms and one living room, Cartier Watches filled with a dozen bunk with some distorted. occupants of the room has always been a secret that nobody knows, "is Cartier Watches a boy, when a dozen, a long time 30, across a few days with a few new faces." Security and neighbors only know imagery, Cartier Watches can may didn't people will thought, this actually is a flows of "sold renal workshop". police saved out more than 30 Chaumet Watches more people months 28th, this is network took guest mountain Roma brother (network name) in here undercover of 15th days, Chaumet Watches he to sold renal who identity in here records has this illegal renal source dependent base from connector, and medical, Chaumet Watches and distribution type of full process. 28th morning, he finally Dial 110 alarm, and on in days Qian, also has 3 name for body (sold renal who) in through medical Hou was made to Kunming, and Guangzhou, to, Ready to pick renal surgery. at present, the Hangzhou police team has been set up to investigate the case, over more than 30 sources of kidney donor had been protected by the police. for selling kidneys years

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