Farmer son posing as "high-rich handsome

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Brand clothing, and pumping brand smoke, looks is has type; was caught Hou only found, he home House shabby, economic difficulties, even 1000 Yuan are took does not out Southeast network-Strait City Xbox 360 Hard Drive reported June 1 hearing (Chen Chengzhong correspondents Chen Mingtian) celestial one young men, not only people long was handsome, also driving with BMW car, and wearing brand clothes, and pumping brand cigarettes, seems to is one has appearance has fiscal deficit of "high rich handsome". days Qian, he drove out Shi even hit II people, subsequently driving escape. incident Hou, celestial traffic police take night Chase,  Less than 4 hours to captured him down. was surprised by police was, in front of the "high-rich handsome" turned Xbox 360 Hard Drive out to be posing as. Car while escaping white paint left behind evidence May 27, Xianyou rural traffic police squadrons received the alarm at the end, saying rural changling sections of 324 national highway, from Putian towards celestial being's White sedan, and a collision between a pedestrian, cause pedestrian injuries, vehicle to rural town
To escape.  Civilian police reaches scene Hou found, one more than 50 age of men pour in road middle, and accident car has imitates. civilian police side will injured rushed to hospital Xbox 360 Hard Drive rescue, side to "110" command Center reported merits. Subsequently, civilian police in visited near masses Shi are has a has value of information: accident vehicles for a Department hanging min d licence of milky white car, this and in scene found of white paint phase anastomosis.  3 hours after the car caught in the traffic police of the accident when tracing the vehicle, 19:16, rural traffic police squadrons received the alarm again, call 306 road in rural East Lake Road, a middle-aged women driving two-wheeled motorcycles were unknown after a vehicle collision injured by the fall on the road, vehicles to cover the end of the accident escaped in the direction of the town. After receiving the police, civilian police immediately rushed to the East Lake Village, the scene of the accident, a middle-aged woman was found bleeding in the road. civilian police found cars left behind at the scene of the accident with a white right door mirror cover

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