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Years, the school management not only the improvement of school management, improve the quality of school education and teaching idea and method to receive widespread recognition and universally accepted, but also as an important strategy to promote educational reform and development of the schools, ways and means, for many schools are widely available and effective use, forming a new school development mechanisms and modalities.  "Innovation is the improvement of school management, school management important concepts and methods to improve teaching quality of school education, which involves five basic propositions, namely the need to highlight its ethical principles, need to improve school leadership, schools must embody democracy, must absorb teacher participation in school management, school development must be promoted." Proposition 1: school management schools must demonstrate ethical principles are ethical and moral naturally contains the school's educational philosophy and practice activities. almost all issues facing school administrators are value based, which means that there are ethical and moral basis
. Despite reference of background and ideology framework vary, but main involves three a aspects content: first is on people of right of awareness and understands, including most of or minority of interests, and personal of or collective of interests; second is on democratic social of awareness and judgment, including power views, and family values, and economic opportunities, and public property, and national characteristics, and political and Government, and so on; third is health and security, as air, and water and land quality, crime and violence, human rights and social right, public service, and cartier Watches so on. School managers by comply with of moral principles what should contains which aspects, both at home and abroad scholars of views does not full consistent. but General, moral principles has its recognized of basic aspects, while in different history period has different of connotation and advocated. therefore, moral principles also should times, not only to inherited past of all excellent results, more important of is according to changes has of environment, update moral principles of connotation, in in-depth
Study on change in socio-economic relations on the basis of, grasp the direction and pattern of moral development. in our country, the Socialist core value system throughout the whole process of school education, is a major theme of the new, school management should work around that center of gravity steadily expand, encourage and guide school moral education and management practice to carry out efforts to building an ethical school. Anti-views currently of school practice, in school management in the exists large of immoral and misconduct phenomenon. such as, free corporal punishment students, and irony sarcasm students and hot insults students, for completed careers task and ignored even abandoned another half students, and only focusing on knowledge of taught and ignored on students of will of quality and how man of education, and so on. these from fundamentally contrary to has School of running purposes, is immoral of. attention School of moral target, to moral attitude and moral spirit treat and practice the education activities, Should be within the innovation of modern school management
In request.  Proposition 2: school management must improve school leadership school is one of the important tasks of the management innovation to improve school leadership. improve school leadership are important prerequisites for school management, key and fundamental guarantees. Improved school leadership of task one is changes school leadership way. school leadership way is refers to school leadership for leadership activities by take of thought, and method, and initiatives and means. school leadership way changes, is refers to by behind of leadership way to advanced of leadership way changes, by traditional of leadership way to innovation of leadership way changes, by single of leadership way to integrated of leadership way changes, by does not science of leadership way to science of leadership way changes. changes leadership way is a inevitable of development trend, Is the age of a profound change, is in line with the objective needs of the development trend of the times, deal with complex international situation, is to promote economic and social development of faster and better objective needs, is to improve the leadership of water
Flat, for the development of school science objective needs. cartier Watches Improved school leadership of task of II is changes school leadership roles. in traditional significance Shang, principals is school of Supreme Administrative heads. changes school leadership roles of basic direction is, change past only rely heavily on bottom of section layer structure, and attention command command system, and stressed power authority of administrative leadership way, to teaching leadership, and courses leadership, and culture leadership, and learning leadership and moral leadership, diversification of leadership way changes. which, teaching leadership, and courses leadership around courses construction, improve courses planning force, and courses development force Construction, curriculum; cultural leadership to focus on school culture construction of course; learning leadership is a combination of learning and improving leadership, advocacy of systems thinking, overall beyond, discovered through diligent and good governance issues, solving challenges, and constantly improve the ability of promoting scientific development; moral leadership emphasizes as an authoritative source of new leadership ethics, school leaders should work
Around the core moral leadership to carry out to achieve "moral" ideal goals. Proposition 3: school management innovation must reflected school democratic school democratic is democratic concept in school practice in the of specific reflected. school democratic main including three layer connotation: first, it is a effective of school management way, this way stressed respect, and trust and accepted, democratic participation, Exchange, and communication and cooperation, fair competition, common share results,. Second, it is a school members of lifestyle, in this lifestyle in the, school members in mutual respect, and mutual cooperation, and  Understand tolerance and fair competition between them on the basis of social relations. third, the school of democracy has its special moral significance, stress tolerance, freedom, support, help, and so on, reflected in classroom teaching, communication between teachers and students, organization of school activities, school management and decision making process, as well as with communities, families and other members of the school of communication and cooperation. School
Management innovation to to reflected school democratic as its important mission. first, from school democratic of concept departure, design and developed set school of democratic management system, ensure all school members of basic democratic right. principals can through related of provides, will democratic participation of views and practices into school management of framework system among, who and teachers, and students, and parents, related and its has capacity processing of things, should referred to the they own to decided and take since corresponding cartier Watches of responsibility. Second, Achieved school democratic needs must of method and technology, this not only can ensure school made better of decision-making, and can promoting school members of growth and development. According to school members participation of degree to distinction, democratic management of method and technology main has Conference discussion, and consulting views, and democratic centralism, and collegial, and teachers participation, and parents participation,. again second, school democratic needs must of system, and measures to guarantees, as quality to held staff Congress, and push
School accountability system for public, educational, and so on. But, democratic absolute not universal of, to attention prevent excessive democratic and democratic missing two species extreme tendencies. Despite School of specific situation, pursuit so-called of full equal, introduced "large democratic", its results not only will caused school power boundaries fuzzy, even is power structure and command confusion, led to management body bloated, and management effectiveness low. While, many principals "arrogate", to school seen as is sacred not violations of private territory, from subjective Shang exclusion others participation school management. for this two species tendencies,  To take effective measures to avoid. Proposition 4: school management must absorb teacher participation in school management at present, there are many disadvantages of school management, summed up four points: first, still adhere to the "running behind closed doors" attitude, bounded by school walls, isolated from the outside world and, secondly, management the main single, only values schools leadership power, no
Depending on the teachers, and students, and parents, of main role, will they exclusion in school management of framework zhiwai; third, only attention bottom command type of level management, caused school members is orders State, lack created and innovation of enthusiasm, and power and thought; IV, management effectiveness low, only focusing on hardware of high inputs, ignored "soft strength" construction and connotation development, education wasted phenomenon serious. therefore, must solution how absorb teachers, main participation school management decision-making of problem. On its nature,, participation is allows and encourages organization members participate in management decision-making. for teachers participation of meaning, we can from three a aspects to understands: first, participation is a consciousness. participation is "thought and feelings of inputs", became decision-making of "masters" or "became decision-making of a Rapporteur". Second, participation more is a technology. has must of operation program and method, including participation of way and way, and common decision-making, and "authorized" and stressed
Flexibility. Thirdly, teachers ' participation in seeking to maintain the Organization's goals and the unity of the interests of teachers. in school leadership and establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect between teachers, encouraging teachers to participate in school management in achieving development while meeting the objective of the school, meet the teachers ' personal development goals. Currently, school in implementation teachers participation management Shi to prevent three large errors: first, romantic. has many principals to teachers participation seen as is solution currently school management and development in the various persistent ailment of "panacea", believes that school of each items decided are must after plenary teachers long time discussion Hou to made. actually, this "everyone beat" of practices, its results only is vague of, and endless of time and energy wasted. Second, emotional sexual participation. some school leadership believes that, Feelings are valid guides teachers ' participation in the management of bridges. in fact, excessive reliance on emotional support may form small groups and "sectarianism

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