Editorial: fighting corruption is China''

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Road Department original Minister, and party clerk Liu zhijun yesterday was announced dismissed membership, its suspected crime problem transferred justice organ law processing. this a message again touches Wholesale Cosplay has public on corruption that root most sensitive of neural. from national range see, corruption officials Lok Ma of message indeed constantly comes, to people corruption rot who "advance wave upon wave" of sense. didn't less caught, but like is caught does not finished. this what how back thing?  China clearly is corruption of high made period, thoroughly radical corruption of conditions currently does not have. was said, as long as "democratic" has, corruption problem on can solved. However this views is naive Wholesale Cosplay of. Asia has many "democratic national", as Indonesia, and Philippines, and India,, corruption are than China serious was more. but China is may is current Asia "corruption suffering sense" most highlight of national. This Chinese "serve the people" official political morality in the society as people concerned. but the reality is that the impact of the implementation of the market economy, perfunctory and even betray it
Officials from various systems of cracks of continuous leakage. China is very in-depth country Wholesale Cosplay of globalization, developed high standards of integrity has been the Chinese public insight, these different times, under different conditions forced compression of information on public opinion in China, suffering and tangled so can't.  Corruption in any country can "cure", the key to control to the extent allowed by the population. and to do this, particularly difficult for China.  Singapore and Hong Kong, China area salary honesty, United States many of the candidates are wealthy, generally when officers accumulate Wholesale screwdriver fame and connections, after unloading through a variety of "revolving door" into cash to catch all these accumulated back. in China, the road is dead. Give official mass pay, broken China public opinion will not accept. officials after stepping down turn and the use of impact and connections make a lot of money system does not allow. let the rich go to officials, people feel more "sour." Chinese official statutory wages are very low
, The well-being of some local officials, often through "unspoken rules" Wholesale screwdriver implementations.  Chinese society as a whole are now somewhat "unspoken rules", doctors, teachers, those industries related to public welfare in the popular "unspoken rules", many of the official income is not high, but there are "gray income".  Where is the "unspoken rules" boundary, this point is not clear. This is more corruption cases, and some are "Wo" one of the reasons why. a popular "fabuzezhong" argument, which officials believe this says once, and thought "like others and ourselves", he is very dangerous.  Corrupt Wholesale screwdriver elements must be strictly investigated and never condoned, which can dramatically increase the risk and cost of corruption, the necessary deterrent. official must be to reduce the maximum target corruption as official. Civil society must resolve to strengthen supervision by public opinion, enhance the power of official promoting the fight against corruption. but also on enough to understand China cannot at the present stage
Reality and objectivity of complete suppression of corruption, not the whole nation fell into a painful lost.  Write these words, in any way mean that we believe that the fight against corruption is not important, you can delay. on the contrary, we believe that the fight against corruption should indeed become the number one issue to be addressed in the political reform in China, it is common throughout the country.  However, we believe that, the fight against corruption is not entirely capable of "anti-" come out, does not is the ability to "reform", it also needed "development" help address. it is corrupt officials, their problems, is a matter of systems, but not only. it is also the Chinese society "integrated development" issues. Battle of anti-corruption in China's social development, but it also depends on the other for the victory effectively eliminated obstacles on the battlefield. China will not otherwise very backward, but officials are very clean country. even if the moment was, not lasting. breakthrough of China's anti-corruption, but the country end

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