Dont be afraid of Dentist

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Who wants to go to the dentist? Surely not me. I've cancelled more dental appointments in the last 20 years than I've kept. They terrify me.nAnd that's a very good reason why I should do my best to take care of my teeth.nStudies are showing that failure to brush and floss can bring on all Cheap U-Boat Watches sorts of other problems - such as diabetes, kidney disease, pre-term labour, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, and even certain types of cancer.nSeems like the bacteria in your mouth can release toxins into your body that do pretty serious damage. Ditto for the infections in your mouth.nUntil recently, doctors ignored the importance of dental health, and dentists behaved as if the mouth was separate from the rest of the body. Now they are finally beginning to realize that the mouth IS part of the body and that the two disciplines should work together.nI love what Vincent J. Iancono, president of the American Academy of Periodontology said about the dangers of dental disease: "It is like setting up a garbage dump on the edge of a river. You wouldn't be surprised if the lake downstream ended up polluted with the garbage from the dump."nSo if you have a decayed tooth, or if plaque has built up under your gum lines, get it handled before those toxins cause something far more Tonino Lamborghini Watches serious.nI doubt that anything could completely remove my fear of dentists - I spent too many terrifying hours in their chairs as a small child. So now, even though I know it doesn't hurt like it did then, and even though my own children laugh at me for being a sissy, I still don't want to go. Just thinking of the smell of a dental office, kind of squeezes at my insides.nAnother reason I used to have for my excessive fear was the headaches I'd have for a week after each visit. Finally one day I mentioned this to my acupuncture doctor and he tested me for allergies to the materials used in dental offices. Once he treated me for those allergies, post-dental headaches were eliminated.nIf you suffer from post-dental headaches, find the nearest NAET practitioner and get your allergies eliminated. Then, if you have any dental problems, get yourself to the dentist and get them fixed before they poison your entire body.nGo - even if you're afraid. Tods Shoes It's better than being sick.n%D%A

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