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Promoting my city cloud computing of application and cloud computing industry of development, perfect regional cloud computing of industry chain layout, show city cloud computing industry latest research results and model application, by industrial and information Department support, and Breitling Watches Sadie Group (China electronic information industry Development Institute) and Zhejiang Province economic and information Committee joint hosted of "China city cloud computing series spot" (Hangzhou station) will Yu July 13 Zhejiang province here held.  Since 2007 since the introduction of the concept of cloud computing, cloud computing concept in Taiwan has been in technology development and promotion period. integrated all aspects of the judgment, the "Twelve-Five" period will be a critical period for the growth of the cloud computing industry, cloud computing market will enter the stages, industrial scale will be rapid growth. it is expected that by 2015 around cloud computing application will begin to enter into a more mature stage of development. SMEs in the application Breitling Watches in the cloud is a significant customer base. at present, the Chinese middle and small enterprises
Has become an important part of the economy, small and micro-businesses have accounted for 99% of national enterprises, creating the final product and service value 60% per cent of GDP, and its importance is self-evident.  However, SMEs now facing great competition and cost pressures, more than 75% SME's most important work is to maintain existing customers. relevant data show that 33% of SMEs had encountered IT system outages in the past two years, for SMEs, we must find a low-cost, reliable IT services to enhance the satisfaction of existing customers. Today, cloud computing is quickly approaching provides new opportunities for SMEs. relative to the larger platform for enterprise Breitling Watches IT investment budgets and resources, SMEs need a more flexible, customized IT platform, cloud computing technology is getting more mature also happens to address the IT needs of SMEs. for SMEs in the deployment of
Small business cloud without the holding of too much of IT technology, without investing too much money will have access to more specialized information services.  In addition to SME cloud, e-commerce cloud is also one of the topics for the Conference.  At present, the Chinese manufacturing and retail enterprises have entered the field of electronic commerce, open up new sales channels. However, owing to traditional enterprise and retail businesses new channels of the Internet experience, coupled with the characteristics of the Internet technology itself, makes the intention of entering the field of e-commerce enterprises are facing greater investment risk.  E-commerce cloud will help enterprise software investments into software leasing, investments into hardware lease of the hardware, it eliminates purchasing, building and maintaining infrastructure and the needs of e-commerce platform software. Will be invited to this meeting of the Ministry of industry and information, local government leaders, the cloud computing industry renowned experts, industry analysts and business managers around small and medium enterprises

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