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Away from Qian made foot has four a year. This four years in, Chen Kun-lien by "Wang" becomes has "Huo Xin", he on own, and on film of awareness also as age and experience in variable. yiqian Chen Kun-lien discontent was people called "vase", efforts to do does not by face dinner Wholesale Sequin Masks of acting sent, now he is grateful heaven to has a Deputy good surface, "do vase do has many years quite happy of." Admitted he did not like to play with fools, no longer willing to boring play. single day Wolf country: a drama took 26 overnight Reporter: looks like you do not like the previous works, is still riding high in the Department on, Huo Xin was decadence in this Department. Chen Kun-lien: away from shooting has passed four years. has three points is is attract I of: Wholesale Sequin Masks first a from Yu Guofu Director of producer, private he and I, and small address relationship very good, he to producer film will has is large of upgrade. Wang is bit young Director, I on he film of language style is has interest. hope can more cool is, I own in this electric
Shadows appear. Thirdly, for four years, we all grew up, I grow old, Xiao Xun, and Xiao Zhao they grow very quickly, we can have good results like that? this attracted me. but the biggest assumption from Wholesale Spy Sunglasses the script, I am reading the script, think Opera is more than the last, so I came. Reporter: under the premise of the play is not particularly heavy, you play will give themselves or the Director of the special request? Chen Kun-lien: actually this plays very full, it both can in Visual Shang meet many friends of sense views needs, also hidden has is deep of, and on people to see appearance also is heart such little of philosophy topic, different of audience can in this Department Wholesale Spy Sunglasses film in the are own wants to of things. actually most attract I of is two field play, one play is I singled entire days Wolf country; also has one play is cut blind eyes, this two field play is real support I entered State, has been maintained swooned of points. Optical single-day drama of Wolf, I estimate a bit, took about 26
Overnight. Director's status is very high, always imagine something new. seeing the film will know, it is true, not like I used to make another film, Wholesale KRYOLAN Masks swing posture to hide my martial arts bad. and I am looking forward to seeing the entire film, especially for this scene. Reporter: you Huo Xin has the full image? Chen Kun-lien: I early of prepared very full, own of requirements somewhat high, in scene of when often to heavy took, I is hope in in the Johns Hopkins heart more full, or is said hope this roles has a is actual of exists significance, heavy, has forces sense. was said "vase" does not annoying: I is is love surface Wholesale KRYOLAN Masks of Reporter: film in Zhou Xun said, men only concern woman of surface. as a surface is good of people, you how see this sentence words? Chen Kun-lien: Zhou Xun says the film is a universal concept, of course I also have the (idea), for example, I would value the surface, but at the same time I am not man's heart, say you're sitting in my
Before, will be reflected in my mind, you're nice, you ask the question is tricky or is it a poke my heart, I feel great, because Housing for DSi the people more respectful of me. But a commercial movie needs to have a universal argument, and then use another way to refute, there will only be the dramatic conflicts before and after. such as boys will feel inside is more important than, in fact, many guys do this, when you see he went to pretty girls. (Do you have a crush on surface?) I love myself, so I'm also loving the surface. Reporter: do you think what they can see through the surface behind it? Chen Kun-lien: I see you are Housing for DSi does not mean that I just keep staring at the surface, I see myself when I found my changes. a lot of people are saying, why "power walking" after you do not like? actually, I look the same, but inner change. Reporter: the surface used to be your burden? Chen Kun-lien: I really appreciate,
Vases for many years very happy. If not the vase, or if I was not like this, it is estimated that there is no opportunity to shoot it? I very deliberately want to change yourself, become a you think Wholesale Party Wig good actor, now grow the more I think that if they don't get the body surface, may be a lot of opportunities I had to. Reporter: is said the vase is not annoying? Chen Kun-lien: not tired of. annoying for some time, now they say my vase I was very happy, I say hey, preservative eats good (laughs). Zhou Xun Zhao Wei: cooked that cannot find love Reporter: working with Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun four years later, to see each other's changes? Chen Kun-lien: everyone growing up, everyone has Wholesale Party Wig accumulated a lot of stuff in life, sometimes accumulating things just inside the role, he (she) will bloom, if the corresponding is wrong, it could get much worse, although I'm just dub has seen some fragments, but have been able to feel
To the growth of all, I would like to start growing up happy. because only a good actor in this instalment, makes sense. we have not stopped, and not just small Xun, Xiao Zhao, Shaofeng Feng and Yang Mi, I think making movies with me are quite bovine! I don't like to shoot a moron. Reporter: Zhou Xun said plays safe with you two, what about you? Chen Kun-lien: there is good, there is bad., say that I play a video recording the longest hit play, the longest time on the bed scene. I find it hard to be erotic actor, hot and exhausting, especially the boys. one thought at a time, I asked Director: "how long are we bed scene?" Because this is not my strengths. bed scene we are shooting, this is what we are familiar with the benefits of, you can trust the other side took the play. lack of facilities was too cooked! love to take first love feeling inside, to me this really dug up lots of memory to complete (laughs)
. Reporter: did you shoot when it's not hard for the first time? Chen Kun-lien: then age small Ah, experience are. more grew up, again plus this years, married of married has, small address also in do other of things, brain seems does not in this block, I also good long time does not speech love play has (laugh). public nourishing acting: now only wanted to less received boring of play Reporter: you now filming, also get public, "walking of forces" will effects you took film does? Chen Kun-lien: in helping each other. If I do not do "power walking", I did not think so now within, I am very grateful to the wider world there is little value, this value makes me feel very comfortable. Do public good or doing "power walking" Let me grow up, play, I will also put this feeling, when I want to make movies, like "walking" is as simple, pure. I used to do very pure actors, in fact, have not yet done so, you know.
Long cast time, feel less real things in life, each of us on the mouth speak nonsense, plays into a thing, mind thoughts dare not say it, now I feel so special is not handsome! of course, not saying I thought can tell everything to, but my statement is true. Reporter: "power walking", you will feel that there is another possibility: no act can actually? Chen Kun-lien: not, I think has time do points has significance of thing, you on does not in no significance of thing Shang spent time has, I is such (laugh). key is I is happy, daughter difficult buy I happy why! I hope next less speech a points boring of play, more speech some I feeling good of, even we are think does not, but I like, I on will to insisted. Reporter: your Studio recently on what project? Chen Kun-lien: I recently saw a good script, I have sought to do. Reporter: could say what is the subject matter, please?

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