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Within 90 cubic of living room Wholesale Pliers can for 3 name tourists provides life places once will has 3 name tourists ride returns cabin reaches space station, expand magic of space of Brigade implementation around months travel task of space station is by Soviet era of track spy space station transformation and into according to United Kingdom June 19 reported, United Kingdom private aerospace company Excalibur Almaz head recently said, they buy has two block Soviet period of space station, to will its transformation into spaceship,  And Wholesale Pliers hoped that in 2015, will travel to the Moon the first tourists into space before and after. it is estimated that such a trip quote per person per round-trip distance of about 800,000 km trip around 100 million pounds (about 1 billion yuan). In the near future to United Kingdom Royal Aviation Association Conference in London, Excalibur Almaz ate·Dula, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, introduced their "Moon travel plans", and said that under the previous
Market Wholesale Pliers research results, they were very confident that was successfully sold in between 2015 and 2025, around 30 "ticket to the Moon".  For the successful implementation of the plan, Excalibur Almaz company bought two for espionage of the orbit space station during the Soviet period. 4 special return capsule can take 3 visitors at a time shuttle between the Earth and the space station. visitors can fly to the Moon, into the space station, in orbit around the Moon orbital flight, and then returned to Earth.  Space station within about 90 cubic metres of living space, can accommodate 3 visitors live. while providing safe haven for tourists to prevent road encounter unexpected situations such as solar storms. If you want to take part in such a special trip to space tourists except for travel to pay hundreds of millions of dollars of high, you also need to have a good physical fitness and mental state, and receive special training in survival skills in space and spaceship driving training. If the first flight

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